Snowflake Towels

$72 for the kit to make 8 or even 9 full size towels (finished size of approx 17" x 27")

To order email me, with your name and full address. I accept credit cards and Pay Pal. When I have your address I will let you know the shipping cost.

I made these towels several years ago, and posted photos on my website, and on Ravelry Over the years, I have had lots of requests for the draft, the yarns used, and all the details.  My originals used a mill-end cotton in a “just right” soft green, with forest green for the pattern, and a metallic border. 

So…. Georgia Yarn Company has had the colors custom dyed, using the wonderful Georgia cotton and Supima cotton,  and now offers a kit to make these snowflake towels.  This generous kit will make 8 towels with a finished size of approx 17" x 27", (after wet finishing) with some yarn left over for your stash!  The following yarns are included in the kit (all cottons are unmercerized).

·      8/2 Georgia cotton. A generous pound each of the soft medium green and the dark forest green. (The soft med green is the warp, and the dark green the weft)

·      16/2 Supima cotton.  ˝ pound, dyed to match the medium green (for the tabby weft).

·      Red metallic 2-ply and 12/2 Supima cotton in red. (pattern borders).

·      8/2 Georgia cotton in natural. (pattern borders).

·      The draft and complete instructions for weaving.

There is enough of the red and natural to weave borders for the 8 towels.

Equipment needed:

8 shaft loom, minimum 20” wide, 10 dent reed, with 10 treadles.  (These can be woven with 8 treadles, but you will not be able to make the plain weave hems, without changing the tie-up).

Minimum of 2 boat shuttles.  This is woven as overshot with tabby, and will need 2 shuttles for ease of weaving.  The borders will need additional bobbins, or stick shuttles. (If you are unfamiliar with weaving overshot, please refer to a good weaving reference for instructions on handling pattern and tabby shuttles). This is woven on a point twill threading, so there are lots of tie ups possible, if you don’t want all snowflake towels.  (But they do make wonderful presents!!). I have included an alternate draft, which makes all over leaves-perfect in two shades of green.

Georgia Yarn Company                                                                               Cheryl White